Celebrities have considerable influence on the fashion tastes of people. The type of apparels and accessories they wear creates new trends in the world of fashion. Keeping up with...
Watch Expert December 19, 2017
Longines Watches

Longines Revisits the Past Glories for 2017 Novelties

  For 2017 novelties, Longines decided to explore its past achievements and brought out the rarest of rare ones to give something new and innovative to the watch lovers....
Watch Expert May 26, 2017

Global Launch of Longines Conquest V.H.P

The new Conquest V.H.P (Very High precision) defines Longines as a watchmaker that celebrates precision and perfect together. With an accuracy of ±5 sec/year in timekeeping, the collection happens...
Watch Expert May 02, 2017
Longines La Grande Classique

Different Occasions, One Watch – Longines La Grande Classique

The Swiss watch manufacturing world is enriched with aesthetic timepieces and innovative designs. They portray a rhythmic beauty of the architecture that graces the wrists of the generation. Longines...
Watch Expert December 14, 2016

Longines Dolcevita – A Watch For Today’s Women

Longines writes down its success stories through their untiring efforts to bring something extraordinary that sets off a new voyage into the world of the luxury watch industry. The...
Watch Expert January 16, 2016
Largest Longines Watch Retailer

Prime Emerges As the Largest Longines Watch Retailer In The Metros

The Prime Luxury Watch Boutique being the authorized dealer of luxury and premium watches has garnered a reputed name in the timekeeping world. Recently, it has been renowned as...
Watch Expert October 02, 2015