Different Occasions, One Watch – Longines La Grande Classique

Watch Expert Dec 14, 2016

The Swiss watch manufacturing world is enriched with aesthetic timepieces and innovative designs. They portray a rhythmic beauty of the architecture that graces the wrists of the generation. Longines is one of the Swiss watchmakers that design watches, combining the natural appeal of the beauty. The timepieces exude sophistication without having any elevated style of crafting. Their fine cut and elegant look spell the charm of artistic beauty that elevates the fashion of the time. Among its enchanting collections, La Grande Classique reveals the magnificent design of the watches that worships the regal architecture of the watchmaking.

The appeal of the collection is such that it appreciates your any mood of fashion eloquently. Since they trace the timeless gesture of the classic era through the designs, they sparkle like the bright stars that take the innovation of the brand further. The content gives words to the delicate look of craftsmanship that stays in the heart of Longines.

The classic collection appreciates your dedicated personality:

The classic watches have always come up with sophistication that appreciates your dedicated nature. The timepiece L4. simply reflects an innovative style of crafting with a 24mm black coloured dial. It gets rejuvenated with diamond minute markers that radiate the glow of preciousness of the architecture. The silver hands on the dusky atmosphere express a celestial essence of watchmaking. Designed for women’s fashion, these watches bring out their state forward nature. Modern women love to break the conventional boundaries and this watch perfectly reflects their attitude.

Longines La Grande Classique L4.

Give your wrist a Touch of Confidence:

It seems that no other brand can express the true appeal of women’s fashion better than the brand. Conveying the core value of ‘the Elegance is an Attitude’, it cuddles the wrists of women by adding a strong and confident look to their personality. The timepiece L4. presents a soothing architecture that is detailed with a 25mm stainless steel case and a stone studded bezel. The white dial is glorified with diamond studded minute markers and black hands.

Longines Le Grande Classique L4.

Show Off your Casualness with a Black Leather Strap:

Sophistication is not the only word that defines the brand. The timepieces also bring out the casual beauty that you cherish every time. The Classique L4. is fashioned with a 24mm dial that radiates a sparkle with diamond-dotted minute marker and the black hands. Longines always follows a line of architecture to design its timepieces, and this watch also maintains the core thought of the brand. The white dial is surrounded with a golden bezel that looks gorgeous with a black leather strap.

Longines La Grande Classique L4.

Give your party-wear a complementing touch:

The timepieces of the La Grande Classique collection strike a note of the classic architecture. But what makes the collection truly amazing is its combination of the traditional appeal and the urban designs. The watch L4.709.1.97.7 is decorated with a 33mm white dial that is rounded with a rose gold bezel. The timepiece recreates the gesture of a royal architecture with two-tone hands and diamond dotted indexes.  If you love to be on the spotlight, this watch complements your persona.

Longines La Grande Classique L4.709.1.97.7

Longines La Grande Classique paints the art of artisans through the design and architecture. The timepieces are more the portrayal of an expert artist than just a craftsmanship of a manufacturer.

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