Longines Revisits the Past Glories for 2017 Novelties

Watch Expert May 26, 2017


For 2017 novelties, Longines decided to explore its past achievements and brought out the rarest of rare ones to give something new and innovative to the watch lovers. Nearly every timepiece launched at Baselworld 2017 carried a story that turns out the pages of the history of the brand. Travelling down them will definitely make you surprised as they are as exciting as the collections of the watches the brand has been offering to you since its inception. Besides being the brand of attitude, Longines share many titles that define the brand’s true dedication to making watches that are technologically advanced and aesthetically fashionable.

Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch 90th Anniversary:

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90 years ago, Longines watches had earned a glory of making watches that maintained high precision and accuracy. Longines Hour Angle watch portrayed the story of the brand’s achievement in establishing a strong foothold in the space exploration. Let’s take a look at the tumultuous journey sailed by Charles Lindbergh that reaped the reason for introducing a watch that would be a true help for the pilots.

Charles Lindbergh, a famous American aviator, tested fame in his early age and he was the man behind the Hour Angle Watch designed 90 years ago. His fearless spirit and extraordinary courage allowed him to evade an adverse situation of St. Louis, and he went on to reach the destination after spending 18 sleepless nights. On May 21, 1927, he completed a one-of-a-kind journey with 33 hours and 30 minutes transatlantic flying time. This journey gave him an instant recognition across the world.

After his journey, he felt a need for an instrument that assisted in an aerial navigation so that other pilots might not face the same experience he went through. He bestowed his trust on Longines and the brand executed as per expectation with the watch Lindbergh Hour Angle watch that was considered to be an essential tool for air navigation. The watch calculated longitude precisely and also give a clear indication of geographical locations.

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The newly launched Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch 90th Anniversary gives a tribute to the historic journey of Charles Lindbergh. The watch L2.678.1.71.0 has come up with the same appeal of the original pieces with functions and featured needed for conducting smooth air navigation. It is a limited edition watch that comes in 90 pieces only. The 47mm titanium case holds magnificently the silver dial that houses functions to a great extent. While the time is displayed through the rail track of minutes with the black roman numerals, the 180-degree longitude scale is also there without disturbing a balancing look. The features that make the watch a true piece for aviators are the radio time signal synchronised with the second hands and a galvanic central dial in black. The watch has everything that gives you a rough and tough feel of aviators. The watch is detailed with a brown leather strap to fit your wrist comfortably.

Longines Heritage 1945:

Longines Heritage watches

The timepieces of the past have always inspired Longines to design modern watches for the generation. The brand has made many milestones in its journey, and Longines Heritage 1945, as the name says, has taken a designing inspiration from the piece having a vintage and coppery appeal. This watch is designed to give a tribute to the brand’s watchmaking tradition of 185 years. The collection of yesteryear reappears with a brilliant note of design.  The watch presents a unique combination of sturdiness and elegance intensified with the stainless steel case and a brushed, coppery vintage touch. It gets a rather creative appeal with the bluish steel hands that balance the design eloquently. The nuanced detailing of the dial delights with the pleasantly crafted hour markers that alternate between the Arabic numerals and silvery cabochons. The functions of this watch are indisputably modern with the automatic mechanical movement. Hour, minute and second hands represent the basic functions.

Conquest Classic FIS Alpine:

Longines Conquest Classic Watches

This is the watch that expresses the brand’s association with the world of sports. It is a known fact that Longines always encourages the excitement and championing spirit of sports as an official timekeeper. This Conquest Classic FIS Alpine watch brings out the Longines’ involvement with the Alpine world Ski championship that also revealed the timekeeping tradition of Alpine races since 1924. The watch L2.798.4.96.6 has come up with a 42mm blue dial reflecting amazingly the advanced functions required in the skiing.  Like other Conquest collection, it retains a classic value with the way it is designed. It has three sub-dials for featuring chronograph function and the moon phases. With Super-LumiNova coating hands, the watch maintains a clear readability in dark.

Conquest VHP:

Longines Conquest VHP Watches

Conquest VHP also finds its root in the history dated back to 1954. The brand has always cherished a passion for associating the sports world with offering an accessory with the ultimate precision. The first stepping stone in this journey was the Chronocinégines – a device that produced still images in the time span of hundredth of a second. You can easily guess how much precision it needs to carry out this work at that time. Hence, the device had been used to record the movements of athletes on the finishing line. In 1969, the brand engineered wrist watch with using the mechanism of the device.

Conquest V.H.P has been redesigned several times as per the demand of the generation, but the recently launched V.H.P is superior to even its contemporaries with rare functions and an ultimate build-up. In 2017, the watch has been recreated with the features like GPD system, magnetism, shock-resistance, and perpetual calendar. The two new models have been designed with keeping the accuracy of not less and more than 5 seconds a year.

Longines Conquest VHP Watches

The innovative path of Longines transcends the time and presents an appeal that remains unaffected in the wheel of change. The hints of past peep through the glorious veil of time to remind the watch lovers of the achievement the brand has earned since its inception. Besides the above-mentioned timepieces, Longines Flagship collection has also garnered a huge accolade for bringing the charming essence of the past prevailed over the Flagship watches 60 years ago.

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