A Whole New Series Of Calvin Klein Watches For The Fashion Crazy

A Whole New Series Of Calvin Klein Watches For The Fashion Crazy

Prime Watches June 18, 2018


  Men and women who have a love for new styles of wrist watches are sure to love this exciting arena of Calvin Klein Watches. Each of these collections have been crafted to match the varying tastes of each buyer. Be it style, features, quality or perfection, the list of Calvin Klein watches encompasses all these. There is something unique about the style and design of each timepiece listed below.  


  Calvin Klein Achieve  

The ideal wrist watches for men with superior tastes, the Calvin Klein Achieve comes with silver, black, blue and stainless-steel dial. White leather or black leather bracelets complete the look. The watch comes with chronograph mechanism which renders it extremely precise. The hands of the watch are polished with white super luminova.

  CALVIN KLEIN ACHIEVE  The watch also has closure pin buckle. It is an ideal pick for the contemporary man with an outspoken persona. Enjoy the seamless merger of boldness with today in Calvin Klein Achieve. The three-link metal bracelet completes the magnanimous look of this Calvin Klein timepiece.  


  Calvin Klein Cheers   The brand’s expertise in understanding the fairer sex is clear from this new addition to CK Watches for Women. Calvin Klein Cheers is a skyline inspired design that indicates the American origins of this brand. The watch comes with silver or black dial and bracelet made from polished brushed stainless steel, yellow gold or pink gold. The classy appeal is further enhanced by the jewellery buckle.  


  Calvin Klein City   Here is one of the CK Watches for Menthat definitely deserves a mention. The Calvin Klein City is a collection for men of different tastes. The dial is available in silver, blue and black variations. There are options of brushed stainless steel or black leather polished straps to complement the dial. These come in case of polished stainless steel. The hands on this timepiece maybe either polished stainless steel with white super luminova or polished Rose Gold PVD with white super luminova. The closure could either be pin buckle or butterfly buckle with pushers.  


  Calvin-Klein-Evidence   This is a distinct timepiece designed for men with modern tastes. They come in unique shades like silver, blue, black, green and red. The rubber straps of complementing shades of blue, black, green and red complete the sporty look of this timepiece by CK Watches. This gent model wrist watch comes with pin buckle mechanism and case of brushed stainless steel and black PVD. The coherent theme of structure helps to represent the active and youthful spirit. The watch has a tonal dial, designed bezel and a rubber strap that comes with linear stamping. The watch comes with a water resistance upto 3 bar. The watch is crafted keeping in mind the sport loving new age watch buyers. This sporty timepiece is sure worth including in your wardrobe this year.  


  Calvin Klein Full Moon   When we speak of Calvin Klein Watches for the women of today, Calvin Klein Full Moon scores above the rest. There couldn’t be a better piece to epitomise feminine grace. The wrist watch comes with a polished stainless steel or pink gold case and a black, white or pink leather bracelet. The hands of the watch are polished or pink gold. The silver or black over sized dial is a clear representation of woman’s modern tastes. The pure over sized case is in perfect contrast with the thin leather strap.   Calvin Klein Full Moon  The unique design portrays a mark of modern femininity. The round silver and black dial explain the moon inspired name and come with a sun brushed finishing.  


  Calvin Klein High Noon   The sophistication of a modern man’s taste in wrist watches is evident in the Calvin Klein High Noon watches. It is a vintage inspired timepiece and is sure to draw all attention as soon as you place your eye on it. The case of this watch may come in polished stainless steel, polished pink gold or polished black variations.   Calvin Klein High Noon  The dial of the watch comes in silver and black variations. The multiple options in bracelets include leather strap in black and brown shades or polished stainless-steel mesh strap. The watch also comes in chronograph models. The water resistance of this model is upto 3 bar for gent models and upto 5 bar for gent chrono models. The mesh links offer a superior level of comfort.  


  Calvin Klein Minimal  Are you looking for a perfect timepiece to gift your sweetheart? Then this exquisite watch model for ladies is sure to be your first choice. It comes with silver, black or dark grey dials. The bracelets maybe either polished yellow gold, stainless steel mesh or pink gold. This mid-size ladies watch comes with a sliding buckle. The case also comes in same materials as the bracelets. It is the ideal medley or contemporary style and classic design. The watch is available in two sizes, namely lady and mid-size. The additional style quotient to ensure the watch goes well with your daily outfit is offered by new textured pattern of mesh links. This sleek and simple watch comes with water resistance of upto 3 bar. It is a distinct timepiece that must be added to your wardrobe for sure.  


  Calvin Klein Rebel  This remarkable women’s wrist watch is made for women who rebel against the times. The dial comes in black, silver and blue variations which is complemented by white leather, blue leather, red leather and cream leather straps. The case comes in polished stainless steel or polished grey PVD. The hands of the timepiece are also polished. The multiple colour choices ensure that a woman is sure to find a watch to match her attire. The watch is locked using a simple pin buckle. The textured dials combined with a thin strap make for an elegant accessory for the women. The coloured leather straps and unique coloured dials add a fresh look to the ladies’ wrist watch collection making it ideal for the rebel in you.    

  Take time to select from the timeless variations of watches by Calvin Klein for men and women. Create a lasting impression on people you meet by complementing your classy attires with the right accessories. Calvin Klein Watches offer a multitude of options when it comes to materials, colour variations, core features and even pricing. The brand understands the changing tastes of buyers of watches and comes up with a unique timepiece each year to go with the latest trends. Be it a contemporary businessman or a modern ambitious sports woman, there is a watch for everyone in this brand’s latest collections. Next time you go out shopping for watches, you do not have to compromise on beauty because you wish to have a quality timepiece. You are sure to find a watch with everything in CK Watches for men and women.