Prime Watches June 05, 2018


  Over the years, Omega has remained a favourite luxury watch among buyers because it has kept track of latest fashion trends. Each collection by Omega reflects a certain taste. There is a watch collection to match the choice of every watch lover. Here are some impressive collections by Omega Watches for men and women.

Omega Master Chronometer

  Omega Watches In the year 2015, Omega introduced the Master Chronometer Collection that has further expanded the standards of precision for luxury timepieces. Chronometric performance and magnetic resistance are other vital traits of the collection. The high popularity of this range of watches calls for the introduction of 12th and 13thMaster Chronometer Calibres in the year 2018. The improved testing and certification are now made possible through the new Omega Factory that opened in the year 2017. Be assured of best quality for many years to come as Omega constantly works on new calibres for the collection.  

Seamaster Diver 300m

  Omega Seamaster Watches   Omega marked its return into the diving watches through the original Omega Diver 300M introduced in 1993. The watch has a popular following and also prides a long-standing relationship with James Bond. On completing 25 years, the brand Omega is coming up with some additions to this impressive collection.   Omega Seamaster Watches   Fourteen unique models are being added to the collection which includes 6 timepieces in stainless steel and 8 timepieces in a mix of Gold and stainless steel. The new additions to the collection are sized at 42mm. Each new timepiece comes with a Master Chronometer Calibre 8800 taking the entire series of these Omega Watches for Mento a higher realm.  

Seamaster Aqua Terra Jewellery

  Omega Watches Price in India   A graceful blend of fashion and quality can be seen in the latest editions of Seamaster Aqua Terra Jewellery Collection, a splendid example of Omega Watches for Women with superior tastes. The brand plans to introduce several new models in this collection. The one already introduced now in 2018 is an exquisite timepiece that is fit to be included in your jewellery case.   Omega Watches for Women  The 38mm watch case is crafted from 18k Sedna Gold. The time hands of this watch also come in Sedna Gold.  The diamond paved bezel and studded ruby time markers are the final touches of luxury to this fabulous creation by Omega. The rhythm of the ocean is expressed in style through the three unique styles of waves of Sedna Gold and interspersed with 191 diamonds present on the dial of this watch. The watch comes with a Master Chronometer Calibre 8807.  

Seamaster 1948 Limited Editions

  Omega Seamaster Watches   Omega celebrates the 70th anniversary of Omega Seamaster Collection by launching two exciting limited-edition watches in this collection in year 2018. The two timepieces are driven by Master Chronometer movements of 8804 and 8806 respectively. The initial Seamaster Collection was launched by Omega in the year 1948 in the post second world war period and it boasted of high water resistance and durability. These qualities are celebrated with addition of chronometer feature in the latest limited-edition watches by the brand.  

  Both the watches come with polished bezel, stainless steel case, polished crown and opaline silvery domed dial and an embossed vintage Omega. There is a subtle distinction in the diamond polished 18k white gold hands of these timepieces. These Omega watches for men boast of superior durability that reflects the standards of Omega watchesof post war era.  

Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon Apollo8

  Omega Watches   Omega celebrates 50 years of Apollo 8 mission by releasing its newest dark side of the moon timepiece. One can observe a specially decorated version of the Moonwatch Movement of Omega watches in this timepiece. The entire watch is designed in the black zirconium oxide ceramic. The yellow colour coding used in the watch completely contrasts this black shade.   Omega Watches Price in India  The watch’s tachymeter scale and crown are filled with Super Luminova. Its chronometer hands are varnished yellow. Not just on the watch dial but also on the strap of the watch is the yellow and black contrast clearly visible. The micro-perforations on the watch strap created to reveal the yellow rubber inside was created using a milling tool. The watch is a blackened and decorated version of Calibre 1861 and is called 1869 to remind of the first moon landing.  

Tresor Collection

  Omega Watches for Women Tresor Collection   There is no watch brand that has understood the transforming tastes of the female customers better than Omega. The Tresor collection is an impressive addition to Omega Watches for women. The Tresor collection boasts of thin case available in 39mm to 36mm sizes. A single diamond is set within the crown. The watch also has diamond paving curves along each side of the case. The exquisite liquid ceramic flower made from five Omega logos on each crown makes this watch noteworthy.  

  The dial looks graceful because of the embossed Roman Numerals. Nine distinct timepieces are available in this collection. The straps of these watches are made of fabric or leather. The cases are made from stainless steel or 18K Sedna Gold. The choices in dial colours are also many like taupe brown, black, mother of pearl, white, blue and opaline silver. Continually renovating designs and coming up with interesting stylish touches to its existing line of timepieces, Omega Watches continue to attract buyers of luxury watches.