The NO-BATTERY & NO-TIME SET watch - Citizen Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900

The NO-BATTERY & NO-TIME SET watch - Citizen Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE F900

Prime Watches March 06, 2018


Is your watch punctual to nanoseconds? No, the watch crown is not proficient to set it precisely. What if you transverse from one time zone to other? Citizen has solution to your entire expeditious schedule within as less as 3 seconds. Neither needs to change battery nor set time, yet your watch is adept to make you, THE PUNCTUAL. Check out the satellite GPS story and its coverage across 40 time zones.

 Citizen Watches


40 Time Zones Coverage

  Citizen Watches   According to UTC standard time zone, there are 40 time zones on earth. No matter if you are crossing a new time zone or trekking through deserts or may be cruising the ocean or climbing snowy mountain, Citizen Eco-driveSatellite wave watch synchronizes to the local positioned time and date. Whenever you enter a new time zone across any continent it automatically figures out and let your watch show the correct time data.


  Setting right time is an ever challenging expedition in horology. Citizen added a new genre to this quest line and presented this unique series. After eco-drive series, this is a quantum leap in watch making technology. Citizen engineers started this process in 2011. Though Radio control and Satellite GPS wave technology were predominant in that time but there was no GPS chip for watches. Citizen Watches   With undaunted and arduous effort Citizen unveiled world’s first GPS satellite watch in 2011. Not just technology, the sleek design with green tinge exemplified fusion of earth and outer space.   Citizen Watches 2014 overpowered the previous collection by retrieving time signal from GPS within 3 sec unlike its forbearer receiving signal in 6 sec.Also independent motor attached with three hands of watch make it faster and convenient.

The Final Blow

  Citizen WatchesThis is a multi function watch with light weight, sleek design, captures GPS signal in 3 sec according to your position or area. Its motor can drive watch hands extremely fast in both clockwise and counter clockwise direction and thus ensures precise time in extremely fast speed. It is world’s thinnest GPS satellite watch.

  Citizen is questing for more advent technology and upsurging horologeire. The Prime watches as one of the eminent authorized retailer is dedicated to your service to showcase the best collection. Our watch experts are available round the clock to introduce you to outstanding technologies and functions in watch industry.