Why Are Tissot Watches Better Than High-end Timex Watches?

Watch Expert Jul 31, 2017

Tissot and Timex watches are available with varying price ranges. It is obvious that a Timex and Tissot watch cannot be the same. To compare watches of these two brands one has to check-out their features, materials and other factors within the same price assortments.

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As it is known to all that Tissot is a Swiss watch brand and Timex is a US-based watch company, so it is clear that a Tissot timepiece would have more effective functions than a Timex one within the same price range.

The most important thing is that, a high-end Tissot model is embedded with Swiss-made automatic movement, while a high-end Timex watch can be seen running with quartz movement which needs a battery to charge itself. The Tissot Touch Collection Expert T091.420.44.051.00 piece contains chronograph, tachymeter, high water resistance facility and so on; while a Timex bends more on the latest fashion than accuracy, so they are sleeker that can give comfort to the wearers rather than precision.

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With the treatment of exclusive substances like titanium, nylon, fabric, synthetic, rubber and others; the Tissot watches become durable and worthy for the users. On the other hand, a Timex piece with the equivalent price domain does not give a user so much variety. For instance, the Tissot Special Collection MotoGP T092.417.27.207.00 is treated with stainless steel and contains a rubber strap that is decorated with grace.

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Design of a watch is a very significant factor. The Tissot T Sport PRS 516 T100.417.36.051.00 watch with its brilliant manufacturing methods provides to their wearers something that can touch their heart and keep them delighted. Its black dial on rose-gold creates a magical effect. Whereas, a Timex piece with the similar price also has various designs, but they do not have in them the Swiss skill that makes them lagging behind.

Tissot Watches for Men

Use of colours:

Applying of perfect colours remains as one of the factors behind a good watch. In this field also, Tissot surpasses a Timex time-teller. Rose gold on bezel, blue on dial and black on strap; the Tissot T Classic T41.6.423.96 is truly a versatile one. Timex pieces are not so flexible in mixing colours. Most of their pieces are available in singular hues which remains as their backdrop.

By analysing the mentioned factors, it can be said that the high-end Tissot watches are lofty than that of the Timex ones.

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