How Young Achievers Are Announcing Their Arrival with Omega Watches

Watch Expert Dec 15, 2016

Want to traverse the success story………

Not just the marathon of mundane world, outreaching deep down the blue ocean as well crossing the planet to a celestial land, it’s all Omega watches, the timekeeper of  successful professional whom TIME devoirs…..

With an indomitable toughness, it has accredited precession in timekeeping.

Let’s take an immersed dive in the OMEGA TIME!!

The Star of Constellation

Wedding bridegroom has an eye on Omega Constellation series as ever cherished.  The logenze patterned embossed dial with hues matching the palate of marriage rituals glorifies the elegance.

Self-winding chronometer movement, Co-Axial Calibre of 2500, crystal case back with rhodium –plated sapphire crystal protection makes its worthy for bachelor watch lovers.

Mr. Ankit Khara, a young Director of E-commerce Company exporting designer ethnic wear for women round the globe. She had been to one of our boutique for his marriage shopping.

At an early age of 29 his company turnover is 150 cores.

He was stucked to the Omega Constellation series as he wants her better half to be starred as the most precious part of his constellation.

His bride being a Software engineer and CTO of celebrated IT Company applauds the technology of Co-Axial Calibre of 2500 caparisoned with diamond.

Tracker of International Marketing Pulse

The vintage Seamaster collection famed by James Bond series since 20 years back, innated by contemporary fashionistas and watch connoisseur.

Mr. Rajib Roy Chowdhury coupled with Mrs. Sangeeta Basu (Roy Chowdhury), graduated from IIM Kolkata & St. Xavier’s college is deadlocked for flight delay at Mumbai airport on their leisure trip at Switzerland.

I happened to share the waiting lobby on their bay.

In between chit chat on popcorn, perceived that He is Sr. Manager of Channel Development in a Media house and she is Manager Business Development in a Finance Sector. Aging around 30 – 35+.

Both of them keep on hoping international market for business targets……rises in America, breakfast in London, Lunch at China & Dinner at Hongkong…..thus goes on……conference, client meetings, reports, analysis, market study!!   Sea diving is the only reliever and energy booster……..

In between this sharing with me…….regular time checking……….a pair of Omega Seamaster 300 GMT featuring the white time markers!!

Keening the same I asked, marriage gift?

She laughed and said; no we gifted each other on 3rd Anniversary!!! And as usual, she keeps on her enthusiastic and overwhelming description………..

In between your worldwide business meetings this let you keep track on multiple time zones. Not just that, chronograph and GMT tool together supports travelers in time framing.

Alongside, throw off your business suit to explore flabbergast underneath the mystique of water. Chronograph pushers are operative to case it out as water resistant.

Ceramic bezel with dark matte gray hue illuminates red GMT hands. Housing Calibre 3603 chronometer with self-winding technology in a steel case of 44mm width………’s an awesome collection from my reckoned brand Omega.

Last but not least, her favorite American actor cum director, Jon Hamm adorns it at best.

The Super LumiNova glow on tachymeter comes with green light vibrancy.

Tracker of International marketing pulse

Master of the Globe – The GlobeMaster

GlobeMaster is most updated chronometer by Omega…….a point of appeal to handsome hunks on mid position of hierarchy ladder.

Being the first boutique in India to sell 50 pieces of this new launch within 1 month, we celebrated with a cheese ball and whiskey evening with these customers.

The floor was studded with Doctors, heading renowned hospitals in Radiology, Cardiothoracic Surgeons, Neurologist, Electrical Engineers, Journalist  and lot more……….

Why GlobeMaster and How satisfied……….was a general question thrown in between the party as me shouldering the Anchor’s responsibility!!

Listed some Common point of satisfaction……..

Exposing to electromagnetic field of MRI machine by radiologist, Myocardial biopsies by Cardiothoracic Surgeons or high power electromagnetic pressure ruled by Electrical engineers ……..Omega GlobeMaster is all harnessed to work even under magnetic pressure of 15,000gauge.

The Master Chronometer, for perseverance and hard work……

Medallion is mystique!!

Notice the eight stars round the observatory. METAS certification put these eight stars as points of parameters and VII chronometric records.

Sapphire crystal promising as anti-reflective glass withstands the pressure to unbreakable level.  As a legacy watch, it resplendents in brown strap and a fluted bezel

Inspired by Omega Constellation the emblematic pi-pan case emboss 39mm timepiece.

The case of 18k Sedna is opulent with silvery dial. The hour and minute hand with a strike of white recommend the readiness of rose gold hue.

Master of the Globe – The Globe Master

Dark Side of the moon& White Side as well

Inspired by white vibrancies of moon from earth Omega Speedmaster has ceramicdial of white zirconium oxide.  Its hands have 18k white gold and indexes.  Tachymeter, scratch resistant sapphire glass, Co-axial movement makes it similar to Dark side of moon.

It interfaces the lunar cycle of moon as it depicts in full moon night and no moonlight days.

The Lady with Aura – Ladymatic

A tribute to fashion ladies, it revived its 1955 self-winding horology.

Nicole Kidman, brand ambassador eulogize Omega De Ville Ladymatic.

For would-be-brides and effeminate authority at corporate house, it is best to blaze with grace and power.

It sojourns you with a 50 hours power reserve and co-axial caliber enriched with 8521 movements.

We got to catch up a middle-aged Bank Director at Omega boutique in Delhi. She was there to buy a gift for her daughter turning 18 on Dec 16.

The Store Head, operating three monobrands of Swatch group in same Mall was trying to introduce her to other brands as well. But she hinted reluctance.

Omega De Ville Ladymatic embellishing her wrist was complementing the raw silk double toned green and blue saree with short step hair and a stated bindi.

With a customer feedback form, I couldn’t resist to analyze the parameters of her preference for OMEGA.

On a sip of Coffee cup, I took a short drive in her 38 years as Banker from Probationary officer to Director.

From treasury to foreign exchange, retail to corporate operations, daughters’ schooling to husband’s wardrobe, she headed and ultimately leaded all with technology and presentation.

She endeavors to change the entire banking concept as on finger tip from standing in queue.

I probed………..A lady to set a new genre…… relate to bedecked by OMEGA…..!!

She quoted a line by Jean-Claude Monachon to newspaper The Hindu, “Certainly, the most important is innovation. If you don’t innovate in watches, even if you are Omega, you will die”.

Exemplifying her Omega De Ville Ladymatic, she points the Co-Axial movement which is transparent and latest in technology.

Bezel bedecked with snowy pattern of diamond symbolizes feminine glory and luxury that comes out of endurance and perseverance.  This makes diamond rare and hard to achieve.

White ceramic dial glorifies the grace of red gold case and bracelet of 18k.

With NASA beyond Earth

Surprising enough, that the Brand Omega acreages to a responsibility in safe homecoming of astronauts. At a pinnacle of success, the brand received Silver Snoopy Award from astronauts on its 45th anniversary of Apollo 13 mission with NASA.

Inveigled in extreme condition Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 performs high score with reliability.

Connecting with NASA and Snoopy, its dial is white with black stripes.  Black ceramic bezel ring manifested by black varnished indexes and a small white hand on third dial is a statement piece for your boardroom appearance.

The Super LumiNova glow on tachymeter comes with a vibrant green light.

Vintage Watch

Omega has endeavored to repress the vintage model and functionalities with a pace in onset of technologies that can best serve young connoisseur.

Exhibiting the age-oldglamor in a new wrap of technological perfection it links history with future in tick tock redemption of timeline.

Root in the biography A limited publication of autobiography of a Captain Merchant Navy was in our association library. Interesting enough was each voyage of his life……..not just sea but also the hierarchy ladder….In between he mentions his special featured Omega watch some 35 years old!!

But ever relinquishing was his farewell gift that tick-tocked his one year retired life……the blue lacquered dial, Good Planet 600gmt feature, GMT Tracker on tachymeter and reminiscence of his water voyage  even as long as 1 year on blue sea………it’s his OMEGA SEAMASTER PLANET OCEAN 600GMT.

Reconnoitering the astound under water pressure

Michael Phelps graced as most “decorated Olympian” with reckoning of 28 medals for swimming and diving was flag bearer for opening ceremony of USA Olympics 2016.

This celebrated Baltimore Bullet,brandished Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

On interrogating regarding his inclination for Omega watches, we got to know, each tick of its precision timekeeping is well connected with his stroke of timed perfection that precede him to success.

With 600 m water resistance feature and a chronograph accentuated with 2 sub dials,it is embossed in a stainless steel case with satin brush. The unidirectional bezel with appliqué orange hued 12th hour sets a boldness of perseverance for athletes.

Well said, since 1932 this Swiss watch making brand is delving into innovation for underwater adventures. The diver watch from this brand debuted as “Omega Marine”, soon after the British Navy recommended it. The diver’s world started gratifying it with COMEX. With Seamaster 300 clutching the wristtheydived 365 m deep down the water.

Omega Seamaster range inspires the water lovers with rich hue of sea and oceans. For both men and womenit comes in blue, chocolate, black and lot more with technological precession and notching maritime legacy. Accredited worldwide for its horology, it unveils mystery of ocean.

Daniel Craig flaunted his Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean throughout the James Bond recent movie “Sky Fall”.

Henry Cavil, hero of “Superman” adorned The Omega Speedmaster Professional in the premiere show.

Celebrities, athletes, and stardom are not just what delineate the unprecedented watch making anecdote of Omega watches.

With more than 300 watch variants under Omega Seamastercollection, it has overruled young watch enthusiast. Aqua Terra, BullHead, Coaxial, Diver are some noteworthy on the palate.

Reconnoitering the astound under water pressure

The Watch of Gen Y

Omega’s Vice President of Product and Customer service, Jean-Claude Monachon , says Omega as Cash cow of Swatch group.

The new generation of successful professionals and entrepreneurs prefer Omega as the timekeeper of their daily success. Interplaying jewelry with edgy iconic horology, durability, and precision, it has well matched the Gen Y styling.

The in and out delight thatrevolutionary movement of Omega watches has abode is the choice of the age.

Sports field, RIO champions, movies keep on alluring the surge of thecontemporary genre to wrist up the right ensemble.

The Swatch group has set a chain of monobrand retail boutiques of Omega round the globe. Its delivers updated collection of Omega watches to innumerable watch enthusiast.

Some in hunt of a vintage watch, some sports lover, some astronauts, and some deep divers’ do not ponder to deplete their pocket on these astounding collections.

The price range is to serve the upper-middle-class professionals and elites worth appraising the outlay.

Omega records serving highest number of young entrepreneurs and dynamic professionals when compared to other brands under Swatch group.

The Watch of Gen Y

I lend my ear to auscultate your watch story that supports your success ……….