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  1. BALMAIN Downtown
    Model No: B1851.33.86-1
  2. BALMAIN Balmazing
    Model No: B1471.33.82-1
  3. Balmain Leafy
    Model No: B3439.32.63
  4. Balmain Orithia II
    Model No: B4771.33.86
  5. Balmain Kerria
    Model No: B4179.22.83
  6. Balmain Beleganza
    Model No: B1349.32.22
  7. Balmain Beleganza
    Model No: B1342.39.22
  8. Balmain Tilia II
    Model No: B4199.33.86
  9. Balmain Orithia II
    Model No: B4779.33.56
    Model No: B4198.33.86
  11. BALMAIN Women's Orithia II
    Model No: B4778.33.86
  12. Balmain Balmya Round
    Model No: B4812.39.82
  13. BALMAIN Orithia II
    Model No: B4772.39.86
    Model No: B4779.33.86
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Balmain is a French fashion brand which is skilled in making readymade accessories, watches, jewellery and others. The brand Balmain was founded by Pierre Balmain in 1946. At the time of World War II when all the resources were drained out and the supply of abroad diminished. After the War, the circumstance began to improve. The designers began to include attractive designs and extravagant charms to their formation. Balmain was such a designer who could embrace the aesthetic flavour for his products and also achieved accolades from everyone for it.

After the death of Pierre Balmain, the brand was managed by Erik Mortensen, who was Pierre’s assistant in 1951. Soon after he took charge of the company, he made efforts to continue the brand’s aestheticity and also proceeding with the spirit of innovation and also received many awards for it.

Oscar de la Renta was the most dominant designer after Balmain who guided the brand during the period of 1993 to 2002. After Renta, Christophe Decarnin joined the brand in 2005. He emphasised on introducing unusually high-priced pieces that totally opposed the brand’s fame and status for its vintage and sumptuous designs. He was regarded as a celebrity among the contemporary designers and was also in the limelight for his high standard lifestyle.

In 2011, Olivier Rousteing was brought in place of Decarnin. He concentrated on the delicate facets of French fashion. Rousteing brought the much needed refreshment to the brand aestheticism.

In 1987, The Swatch Group took the license of manufacturing and selling Balmain watches.

There is a lot of men’s and women’s collection which includes Balcreme Lady, Chrono Classic, Chrono, Classic, Beleganza Lady, Bellafina Mini Round, Classic R Gent etc.

Balmain Men’s Collection

The Classic collection contains men’s watches with conventional looks and some significant functions like analogue and date display. The model with round shaped 47mm dial and golden bezel produces a charming radiance. Its sapphire crystal glass and steel case brings out the masculine sturdiness while the model with black leather bracelet provides a powerful sensuality.

The Chrono collection presents the sporty feeling with its watches. The watches appear to be very refreshing and also very absorbing with stainless steel bracelet. The models with rose gold and golden bezel colours are the most attractive and eye-catching. The blackish dials with silver white minute and hour hands.

Balmain Women’s Collection

The Balcreme Lady is the most popular and one of the most attractive women’s collection of the brand. It contains women’s watches with the feeling of extraordinary charm and splendid performance.

Its diamond-studded bracelet is the most magnetic and distinctive feature that provides an extra pinch of spark which enlightens the personality as well as the temperament of the wearer.

The watches of the Beleganza Lady collection have grandeur and simplicity for its exceptional designs. The round shaped white and black dials are decorated with golden, rose gold and silver bezel colours to suit exactly with the wearer’s temperament. Its two tone, stainless steel and leather bracelet complements the feeling of magnificence.

Balmain watches are available in India through many retail outlets, but The Prime is one of the leading retailers which have more than 20 stores across some metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai and Jaipur.

It has an experience of over twenty years of selling watches luxury, fashionable and premium watches. It is n international retailer and so it deals with many leading watch brands like Rado, Tissot, Omega, Balmain, TAG-Heuer, Longines and others.

The Prime has been the authorised dealer of the mentioned brands and sells their watches with many amazing offers. All of its outlets are perfectly arranged and also very attractive that caters to the taste of the customers.

The Prime operates its business through three types of outlets: The Prime- Luxury Watch Boutique, which offers an array of many luxury brand watches at a place with the price ranging from Rs. 3,000 and above. The Prime - Duets - Fashion Watch Studio is the latest inclusion to the line-up of fashion watch stores. They provide assurance of originality, transparency and uniqueness.

Exclusive Brand Boutique (Franchisee Boutique) concentrates on specific brand which intensifies the attraction of the consumers for the brand.