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The brand that specially focuses on heritage and beauty is Bulgari. Bulgari is an Italian watch making brand which has become a legend through its rich heritage. It depicts the cultural dominance of Rome through its timepieces. In 1884, it was founded by Sotiris Voulgari, whose surname became the brand’s name. After establishment of the company, Voulgari opened the second outlet in Via Sistina, which was substituted by the present store located at Via dei Condotti in 1905 with the help of his two sons, Constantino and Giorgio.

After Girogio’s demise, his son Gianni became the co-chief executive of the company along with his cousin Marina. As the Chairman and CEO of the company, Giorgio started the globalization of the company by opening new outlets in renowned cities like New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo and Paris. At the end of 1970, Gianni started revamping the company entirely by initiating a new watch business and concentrating on product depicting. Gianni resigned from the post of CEO in 1985 and in 1987 he parted from the family business after selling his one-third share in the company to his brothers, Nicola and Paolo. Later on, Francesco Trapani, their nephew became the company’s CEO, whose aim was to expand the business. It was during his time that the company came forward as a recognised luxury goods brand.

A deal between Bulgari and French fashion group LVMH was signed in March 2011, in which LVMH took half of the company’s share, but the agreement suddenly concluded in October 2011.

The flagship company of Bulgari, Bulgari Haute Horlogerie makes watches, which started their journey in 1980.

Bulgari watches are one of the finest in the world which has its individual design and technique. Some of their enchanting men’s and women’s collection are Bulgari, Sotirio-Bulgari, Assioma, Astrale, Serpenti B Zero1, Octo, Diagono and others.

Among the men’s collection there are Diagono, Octo and Bulgari-Bulgari.

The Bulgari men’s collection contains numerous watches with wonderful designs, accurate timekeeping functions like chronograph and date display. Their conventional appearance fuses with splendid embellishment.

Its round shaped dials measure from 38 to 43mm covered with wonderful colours like blue, white and black. The stainless steel and rose gold bezel colours are the most glamorous which exactly suits with the mood and personality of the user.

The leather bracelet saves the watches from water, while the steel bracelet gives strength and the rose gold strap produces a majestic feeling.

The sporty and fashionable outward appearance of the Diagono watches combine with round shaped dials. These round dials are coated with beautiful colours like blue, black and silver. The rubber bracelet saves the watches from water. The silvery hands and sub-dials produce a shining glow. Its rugged stainless steel body gives manly power.

The Octo collection comprises of modern and fashionable watches with sapphire crystal glass, steel and rose gold straps, chronograph and date display functions. The round dials of the watches measure from 38 to 43mm. Its black, blue and silver dial colours are decorated with small sub-dials to maintain the contemporary design.

Some of the brand’s women’s collections are Bulgari, Diva, Lucea and Serpenti.

The watches of the Serpenti collection have designs similar to that of a snake which is unique. It has a long- tailed strap with diamond engraved in the bezel. Its round and oval shaped dials are coloured in black and white. The dials are measured in the range of 35-37mm. Similar to the name, the watches of the Diva collection are really glamorous. The delicately decorated watches flawlessly suit the hands of the real-life divas. Their satin bracelet gives a velvety touch, while its mother-of-pearl dial gives it an exact sense of womanish beauty. Its small interior dial makes it an exceptional one.

Bulgari watches are sold in India through many retail brands, but The Prime is a brand which provides the best quality and also assures originality, freshness as well as exclusivity.

The Prime is an international watch retailer with an experience of more than 20 years. It has more than 20 outlets situated in Kolkata, Mumbai and Jaipur. The brand deals with more than 35 international luxurious, fashionable and premium watch brands like Omega, Tissot, Rado, Longines, TAG-Heuer, Balmain, Bulgari and many others.

It has three kinds of outlets: The Prime - Luxury Watch Boutique, where watches of a huge number of luxury brands are exhibited and made available under one roof with a price range starting from Rs.2,000 and above. The Prime-Duets- Fashion Watch Studio is the most recent inclusion to the array of fashion watch stores and offers watches with the price starting at Rs.3, 000 and above. Exclusive Brand Boutique (Franchisee Brand Boutique) concentrates on specific brands which attract customer’s faithfulness for the brand.