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Calvin Klein
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  1. CALVIN KLEIN Minimal
    Model No: K3M2162Y
    Model No: K3R231L6
    Model No: K2U23146
  4. CALVIN KLEIN Enlace
    Model No: K2L24509
  5. CALVIN KLEIN Feminine
    Model No: K2J23102
  6. CALVIN KLEIN Feminine
    Model No: K2J23101
    Model No: K2A27185
  8. CALVIN KLEIN Strive
    Model No: K0K21107
    Model No: K0421383
  10. Calvin Klein Glam
    Model No: K9423162
  11. Calvin Klein Glam
    Model No: K9423107
  12. Calvin Klein Dainty
    Model No: K7L23646
  13. Calvin Klein Skirt
    Model No: K2U231K6
  14. Calvin Klein Section
    Model No: K1L22102
  15. Calvin Klein Play
    Model No: K2W21X46
  16. Calvin Klein Skirt
    Model No: K2U29141
  17. Calvin Klein Bold
    Model No: K2247107
  18. Calvin Klein Exchange
    Model No: K2F27107
  19. Calvin Klein Wingmate
    Model No: K9514226
  20. Calvin Klein Authentic
    Model No: K8G23546
  21. Calvin Klein Whirl
    Model No: K8A23646
  22. Calvin Klein Whirl
    Model No: K8A23541
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Calvin Klein Limited was founded in the year 1968 by Calvin Klein in New York. The watches of the brand are produced under The Swatch Group which is the largest watch producer in the world with the maximum number of brands under their name. Calvin Klein is the most esteemed luxury brand which sets resonance of delicacy and contemporary finesse through their timepieces. It has a wide range of men’s and women’s watch collection.

Their collection includes Alliance, Analog, Accent, Bare, Biz, Bold, Casual, Celerity, Challenge, Deluxe, Distinctive, Firm, Gentle, Infinite, Light and others.

Both the men’s and women’s collections have beautiful designs with a fusion of brilliant craft.

Watches of the Alliance collection are very stylish and bold. All the watches have stainless steel straps. The silver and black dial exhibit the differing temperaments of the wearers. Its steel case with mineral glass protects the watches from getting scratches and external harms.

The models with silver dial and stainless steel strap looks dashing with rose gold and silvery hour and minute hands. The date display function at the right of the dial indicates the current date. The silvery and rose gold crowns add to the glamour of the watches.

The black dial included models presents a sturdy approach combined with silver bezel and mineral glass at the top of it to conserve the watches from having scratches and also from exterior loss. The pieces are water resistant upto 30 meters.

The Accent collection includes men’s and women’s watches with truly elegant designs and robust appearances. The women’s watches have leather straps which assures of longevity and safety from any kind of harm. Its dials are coloured in black and white with delicate decoration. The rose gold and silver bezel of the models makes them extremely simplistic. Their sub-dials strike the eyes. The silver and rose gold bezel protects the watches from heat and sun. Their leather straps give a soothing touch to the wrist of the wearer.

The snowy white model represents the calmness and the matt black model of the men’s watches reflects the emphatic temperament. The designs are simplified due to the absence of extravagant embellishment. These watches are water resistant due to their leather straps and the mineral glass contributes to the safety of the timepieces from getting scratches.

The Bold collection contains men’s watches with exuberant designs and dashing presentation. These colourful watches look beautiful due to their cool looks. These timepieces have rectangular as well as round shaped dials. The round dials have various size and are painted with colours like blue, black, white, silver and brown. The combination of black leather strap and black dial in a model is complemented by rose gold bezel to produce a charming atmosphere, while the blend of brownish dial and brown leather strap integrated by stainless steel bezel intensifies the glamour and attraction of the wearer.

In India, Calvin Klein Watches are sold in many outlets, but The Prime is the leading watch retailer brand which offers its customers a huge variety of luxury, fashion and premium watches. The brand Prime is associated with more than 35 luxury, fashion and premium international watch brands like Omega, Tissot, Longines, Rado, Calvin Klein, Fossil, TAG-Heuer, Casio, Citizen and others.

The Prime is an international watch retailer which has an experience of over 25 years in selling watches. They operate their business through more than 20 retail outlets spread over Jaipur, Kolkata and Mumbai. The Prime is the most faithful associate to many of the international watch manufacturing companies that produce some of the watches.

The brand has three kinds of stores through which they conduct their trade, they are: The Prime – Luxury Watch Boutique, where an array of luxury brands are exhibited and offered at the same place. The watches offered here are priced at Rs. 20,000 and above.

The Prime- Duets – Fashion Watch Studio is the most recent to join the list of fashion watch stores. The major approach behind this is to assure the customers with originality, transparency and uniqueness. The watches offered here are priced at Rs. 3,000 and above.

The Exclusive Brand Boutique concentrates on specific brands that allure the customer’s loyalty towards the brand.

Each and every outlet of the brand is designed in such a way that it caters the needs of the widespread customers who lauds world class shopping experience with courtly service and high-quality products.