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  1. CITIZEN Eco-Drive
    Model No: EM0676-85X
  2. CITIZEN Eco-Drive
    Model No: BU4027-88L
  3. CITIZEN Eco-Drive
    Model No: BU4027-88E
  4. CITIZEN Eco-Drive
    Model No: CA0640-86L
  5. CITIZEN Mechanical
    Model No: NH8363-14X
  6. CITIZEN Eco Drive
    Model No: BU4011-11L
  7. CITIZEN Eco-Drive
    Model No: CA4220-55L
  8. CITIZEN Eco-Drive
    Model No: AT2400-81A
  9. Citizen Eco-Drive
    Model No: AW7013-05H
  10. Citizen Lady
    Model No: FE6094-84A
  11. Citizen Eco-Drive
    Model No: CA4210-59F
  12. Citizen Eco-Drive
    Model No: CA4035-57E
  13. Citizen Eco-Drive
    Model No: BN0100-00E
  14. Citizen Eco-Drive
    Model No: AT2150-51A
  15. Citizen Quartz Collection
    Model No: AN8154-55H
  16. Eco-Drive
    Model No: FE1140-51X-1
  17. Eco-Drive
    Model No: FE1134-54A-1
  18. Eco-Drive
    Model No: FE1081-59A
  19. Citizen Classic
    Model No: PD7140-58E
  20. Citizen Mechanical
    Model No: NH8370-86E
  21. Eco-Drive
    Model No: AR1135-10E
  22. Eco-Drive
    Model No: BU3005-51L
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From a horological research center in Tokyo to the renowned watch brand – Citizen, the journey has many stories to tell to its watch lovers. The brand had started operating under the name of the core company – Citizen Holdings, a Japanese global corporate group in Tokyo, Japan.  Since its inception in 1930, the brand continues to blend excellence and creativity that is represented through its dictum – ‘Better Starts Now’.

The brand always takes on the challenge of technology and successfully beat the speed of the change with some amazing revolutions. The introduction of the Citizen Eco-Drive watches started a new era of watchmaking that gave the timekeeping world a way of eliminating the need for a watch battery. The Eco-Drive technology converts the power of lights both artificial and natural light sources into the energy that is stored in the rechargeable solar cell.

The brand never stopped its innovation; rather it continues to grow bigger and better with the time. It takes the technology to the next level by crafting satellite wave watches. The mechanics astonished every watch lover across the world. The satellite wave watches offer an advanced timekeeping technology designed for receiving day, date and time signals from the satellite orbiting around 20,000 kilometres away from the earth. The technology gives the wearers the precision of timekeeping, irrespective of your geographical locations.

For the brand, the challenges are more like the opportunity to explore the vast world of watchmaking. Another innovation that brings the next generation of technology on the hands of watch lovers is Radio Controlled system. The technology is specially designed for business travellers or jetsetters, who frequently travel around the globe.

Along with the advanced technologies, the brand also gives an attention to the conventional gesture of architecture that is reflected through a classic collection of timepieces. It touches every mood of fashion, be it a celebration mood or a party fashion. Citizen watches welcome the trending gesture of time through its splendid timepieces that strike a perfect balancing chord with architectures and technologies. The brand beats the ever-changing step of time by introducing revolutionised technologies that take the timekeeping world to the next level.

The Quartz watches of Citizen also represent a balanced design by adding the functionality, reliability, quality and affordability in equal measure. These watches speak the creative attitude of the brand through their eloquent designs that grace the wrists of the generation. The brand has clearly stated that watches are designed in keeping the demand of people in mind.

The Prime- Luxury Watch Boutique being the authorised watch retailer in India offers the most updated and latest collections of Citizen watches. For more than 25 years, it has been offering timepieces to watch lovers. In the Citizen Watch brand, it brings together the collections like Analog, Automatic, Casual, Classic, Eclipse, Eco-Drive, Meccanico, Promaster, Satellitewave and more. Being the largest chain of luxury boutiques in India, it comes up with the watches for more than 40 watch brands.

At The Prime – Luxury Watch Boutique, we always keep the customer’s preference at the top position, so that they can get their expected service from us. Our luxury watch consultants always give them detailed information regarding the watches and the new collections. We also provide authorised after-sales service that ensures every watch bought from us is ticking for years without lowering the feel of the luxury.