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    Model No: CD152111M001
  2. Dior Christal
    Model No: CD112119M002
  3. Dior Christal
    Model No: CD113115A001
  4. Dior Christal
    Model No: CD114317M001
  5. Dior Christal
    Model No: CD113170R001
  6. Dior Christal
    Model No: CD115510M001
    Model No: CD1221E1C001
  8. Dior VIII
    Model No: CD1241E0C001
  9. Dior VIII Automatic
    Model No: CD1245E3C003
  10. Dior Christal
    Model No: CD113119M001
  11. Dior Christal Women
    Model No: CD11211CM001
  12. Dior Christal Women
    Model No: CD112118M003
  13. Dior Christal
    Model No: CD112118A001
  14. Dior Christal
    Model No: CD11211DM001
  15. Dior VIII Diamond
    Model No: CD1221E2C001
  16. Dior VIII
    Model No: CD1221E2C002
  17. Dior VIII Women
    Model No: CD1231E2C001
  18. Dior VIII Automatic Women
    Model No: CD1245E0C001
  19. Dior VIII Automatic
    Model No: CD1245E0C002
  20. Dior VIII Automatic Women
    Model No: CD1245E3C001
  21. Dior VIII Montaigne
    Model No: CD151111M001
  22. Dior VIII Montaigne
    Model No: CD1511I0M001
  23. Dior Viii Montaigne
    Model No: CD152110M004
  24. Dior Viii Grand Bal
    Model No: CD153B11M001
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Dior is a well known French luxury goods company that continues to beautify the fashion of the age under the chairmanship of Bernard Arnault, A famous French Businessman. The stepping stone of the brand was put by the designer Christian Dior and it was also named after him. With an array of accessories and fashion products, it occupies a strong position in the market worldwide. The products are ranging from ready-to-wear, leather goods and fashion accessories to jewellery, timepieces, fragrance and skin products. 

The first watch introduced by the brand was Black Moon released in 1975. The collection is followed by another renowned timepiece – ‘Bagheera’ that had taken a direct inspiration from the round shape dial of the Black Moon timepieces. Its first watch-making workshop was established in 2001 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a famous city in Switzerland, and since then, it has introduced magnificent watch collections for the generation. The specialists of various fields, such as movement designers and jewel setters, lend their highly competent craftsmanship to introduce magnificent watch collection. After the establishment, Malice and Riva watches were designed with stones that exude the superior gleam of the craftsmanship. The brand then put its attention to breaking the tradition of the conventional design. The Dior 66 collection had taken the design from the Spring-Summer Ready-to-Wear collection.

The watchmaking field had started getting huge success for their extraordinary designs and eloquent functions. Dior watches decided to extend its watch collection by introducing new collection of timepieces.  These timepieces even got a new look when they were crafted by the designer of the Dior Fine Jewellery. These watches also started a new journey for the brand because the timepieces were more regarded as a fashion accessory than mere time-tellers. They were mainly designed for women’s fashion, but a few designs also appreciated the masculine look. The collection that was brought into the world was Chiffe Rouge – this collection expressed the iconic look of the Dior Homme. These watches set a new standard and they also mingled the designs and technology well together that eloquently represented the art of the Dior Homme.

Today, each collection of the brand conveys the elegant essence of French architecture. The timepieces mainly designed for women who relish their gracefulness through designs. The Prime Watches being the authorised watch retailer of the brand offers Dior watches in a wide range. It brings together the collections like VIII Montaigne, Ceramic, Christal, Christian, Dior VIII, Grand Bal and Montaigne. For more than 25 years, the watch boutique has been in the retailing field and offering trusted and authorised services to the watch lovers. Having the largest chain of luxury watch boutiques across India, it gives an array of collection of watches.

These watches magnificently articulate the beauty of women through their elegant designs.  Clad in black, white, rose gold and more, the watches represent the journey of the brand. The Prime - Luxury Watch Boutique feels proud in offering these watches to its patrons. The watch experts also assist buyers in choosing their favourite watches. From the after-sales service to watch consultations, it meets the expectations of buyers.