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Guess Collection
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  1. Guess Collection
    Model No: GCI47000G1
  2. Guess Collection
    Model No: GCX52001L1S
  3. Guess Collection
    Model No: GCX56011G7S
    Model No: GCX72024G5S
    Model No: GCX74001L1S
    Model No: Y19002L1
  7. Guess Collection Analog
    Model No: X68103L1S
  8. Guess Collection Men's
    Model No: X79007G2S
  9. Guess Collection Women's
    Model No: X70018L1S
  10. Guess Collection Men's
    Model No: A71001M1
  11. Guess Collection
    Model No: X17005L1
  12. Guess Collection
    Model No: I42001G2
  13. Guess Collection
    Model No: I47000G1
  14. Guess Collection
    Model No: I47006M1
  15. Guess Collection
    Model No: A58001L1
  16. Guess Collection
    Model No: X59002G1S
  17. Guess Collection
    Model No: I42001G1
  18. Guess Collection
    Model No: I41501G1
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Founded by the Paul Marciano in 1997, this brand is well known for their stunning designs. Since their establishment, Guess Collection was delivering trendy watches for men and women combined with the expertise of Swiss watch making. Paul Marciano is the man behind the introduction of the Guess Fashion and Lifestyle Empire. After the establishment of Guess fashion, he extended his fascination with fashion by introducing the brand Guess Collection that carries his touch in designs and looks. The brand generally presents his personal attitude towards fashion. The watches for him are the extension of the wearers’ personal thoughts.

The watches of the Guess Collection are a blend of Swiss glamour, Mechanical superiority and the aesthetic touch of craftsmanship. They focus more on the latest fashion trend that makes them a renowned watchmaker in the Swiss timekeeping world. The brand designs watches for all and this is why they categorise timepieces into two segments – the complete Swiss made watches and the watches with the Swiss movement. It also gives importance to the high-quality materials that provide an ultimate satisfaction to the watch lovers. The watches are designed with certified diamonds, high-tech ceramic, 36l stainless steel and all that prove – the brand never compromises with the quality of the timepieces.

There are so many collections that define the boldness of the generation. The watches are elegantly crafted with the advanced functions and creative designs. Attractive characteristics that are available with GC timepieces include moon phase, multiple time zone, date display functionality, tachymeter to name a few.

Their wide array of watches include collections like Classic, GC-Sport, Techno Class, G4-Executive, GC-Mini Chic, GC-Slim Class and so on. ‘Smart Luxury’ collection from GC is dedicated to providing the luxury of Swiss watch making with a proper ratio of quality and designing within an optimal pricing.

At The Prime – Luxury Watch Boutique you will be able to choose from a huge range of GC watches. We have collections like Classic, DIVER CHIC, G4 Executive, GC-B1 Class, GC-B2 Class and more. From Sporty to Diver watches, we hardly miss anything to give you a feeling of wearing a luxury timepiece fashionably. We are in the field of watch retailing for more than 25 years and an array of brands we are offering to the watch lovers. Maintaining transparency in the policy, we successfully make a corner in the hearts of fashion enthusiasts. Being the leading authorised watch retailer in India, we always give priority to our customers’ satisfaction.