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  1. Rado Diamaster
    Model No: R14135306
  2. Rado Hyperchrome
    Model No: R32170305
  3. Rado Hyperchrome
    Model No: R32171155
  4. Rado Integral
    Model No: R20788155
  5. Rado Coupole
    Model No: R22866105
  6. Rado Coupole
    Model No: R22852705
  7. Rado Diamaster
    Model No: R14129126
  8. Rado Diamaster
    Model No: R14129106
    Model No: R22877165
  10. Rado Coupole
    Model No: R22865755
  11. Rado Coupole
    Model No: R22877025
  12. Rado Coupole Classic
    Model No: R22861755
  13. Rado Coupole Classic
    Model No: R22861115
  14. Rado Coupole Classic
    Model No: R22860105
  15. Rado Coupole
    Model No: R22861165
  16. Rado Integral
    Model No: R20789155
  17. Rado Integral Jubile
    Model No: R20759155
  18. Rado Diamaster
    Model No: R14129116
  19. Rado Esenza
    Model No: R53092715
  20. Rado Esenza
    Model No: R53920706
  21. Rado Integral
    Model No: R20383165
  22. Rado Centrix
    Model No: R30179105
  23. Rado Coupole
    Model No: R22861765
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32 items

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Rado has been pioneering the Swiss timekeeping world since its inception in 1917. Started as the Schlup & Co. watchmaking factory in Legnau, Switzerland, it had gained extraordinary achievement in designing watch movements during the World War II. Later on, the company had established itself as Rado. It stepped into the field of selling watches under the brand name of Rado in the 1950s. With the introduction of well-known Golden Horse Collection in 1957, Schlup & Co had crossed 40 years in the field. In 1962, the brand had taken a first major step with the collection – the DiaStar. Promising to offer comfort and robustness together, this collection was levelled as “the World’s First Scratchproof watch”. After achieving a great success through its first collection of watches, Rado watches was set to explore innovation in using materials. From 1970 to 1989, the brand had gone through some exemplary changes of watchmaking with the Rado Dia 67 that brought metalized sapphire crystal in use. The brand had taken a remarkable turn by high-tech ceramic material in 1986. 

Rado watches had witnessed an era of innovation started from the year 1990 to till date. The high-tech ceramic watches had taken attention of the world and they were also appreciated by the watch-lovers. The Rado Ceramica was the collection that revealed the complete high-tech ceramic watches for the first time to the watch-lovers. It continued to evolve its base material – ceramic by combining it with the other materials like – cermet and titanium. The result of which was displayed through the collections like Rado Sintra. This innovation is followed by the plasma high-tech ceramic. With time, Rado adopts new skills to make itself a brand close to the hearts of watch enthusiasts. This was the first watch that was designed without the crown. The brand is working on the path of creativity and offers an array of breath-taking watches. In 2011, the brand has reintroduced its style line with the True Thinline. The Ultra slim timepiece has started increasing the craze among watch-lovers. These days, the brand enjoys climbing up the ladder of success with the Rado HyperChrome and Esenza touch.

Since its inception, it has been following “if we can imagine it, we can make it” that has been reflected through its innovative watches. Rado Watches have blessed by the touch of starry personalities from different fields, including actors, athletes and well-known persons across the world. Stars who were caught spotting Rado watches are award winning Chinese actress Tang Wei, Bollywood heart-throb Hrithik Roshan and Multi-cultural Model Lisa Ray.

The Prime – Luxury Watch Boutique, being the authorised retailer of Rado watches, unveils an array of timepieces from the well-known collections like HyperChrome, DiaMaster, True, Centrix, Original, Florence, Esenza, Sintram Ceramica and Integral. Operating through the largest chain of luxury watch boutiques, it has showrooms spread across the prime location of India, including Kolkata, Mumbai and Jaipur. If you are an avid lover of Rado, then you are at the right place and can explore Rado Watch models with an exclusive price range. The 25 years of trust lead us to deal only in the authorised way that makes our customers satisfied. With a great after-sales service and offers and discounts, we are happy to bring smiles on your face.