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  1. Salvatore Ferragamo Men's
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  2. Salvatore Ferragamo
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  5. Salvatore Ferragamo F-80
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  6. Salvatore Ferragamo 1898
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  8. Salvatore Ferragamo 1898
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  9. Salvatore Ferragamo 1898
    Model No: FF3280015
  10. Salvatore Ferragamo F-80
    Model No: FIF010015
  11. Salvatore Ferragamo F-80
    Model No: FIF070016
  12. Salvatore Ferragamo Cuore
    Model No: FE2080016
  13. Salvatore Ferragamo Cuore
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  14. Salvatore Ferragamo Cuore
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Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian luxury goods company, which specializes on shoes, leather materials, eyewear, watches and others. The brand’s founder Salvatore Ferragamo went to Boston from Italy and opened the Hollywood Boot Shop to make foot wears for celebrities like Joan Crawford and Gloria Swanson and also for films like The Ten Commandments. The main company was founded in 1928. At the time of economic downturn, the company became bankrupt but soon it overcame the situation and bought the Palazzio Spini Feroni to make it the flagship store and a museum. The company prospered during the Second World War by extending the employees to 700 and making 350 pairs of hand – made shoes per day. It was after Salvatore’s demise in 1960, that his widow Wanda went to the helm and expanded its business by including eyewear, perfume, belts, watches and readymade fabric collection.

The company is currently owned by the Ferragamo family. It has a rich heritage in making innovative products by utilising revolutionary ideas and materials. Their noteworthy innovations include the wedge heel and many other things. It also makes eyewear and timepieces in collaboration with Luxottica and Timex Group. They have many retail chains located in Milan, Rome, Naples, Genoa, Venice, London, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Osaka and many other cities.

There is a lot of fashionable men’s and women’s collection of watches which include Cuore, F – 80, Minuetto and others.

Cuore is a women’s collection which includes fashionable watches with amazing designs. These round dialled watches are painted in beautiful colours like silver which are engraved with diamond to intensify their beauty. Their silver, rose gold and golden bezel protects them from heat, while their multiple coloured bracelets match with their body to heighten the glamour of the wearers.

F – 80 contain men’s and women’s sleek watches which have stunning designs.  The ceramic, leather, rubber and two tone straps of the watches complement with the dials coloured in white, pink, black and silver. The golden, white, silver, yellow gold, black and stainless steel bezel makes the complete and also protects them from heat. Features like GMT, Analogue, Chronograph and Date display are available which makes them more precise.

The shiny Minuetto collection contains women’s watches. These watches look wonderful with their perfect construction. They have round dials with colours like black and mother – of – pearl. Their stainless steel, two tone and leather straps complement with golden bezel to suit the hands of the wearers and heighten their grace. The diamond- studded interior of these watches intensifies their charm. These water resistant enabled watches are more durable and also protective from rust.

Salvatore Ferragamo Watches are available through many watch retail outlets, but The Prime is one of the leading international luxury, designer and fashion watch brand retailer which operates its business through its chain of retail stores in India.

From a small retail shop, The Prime has continuously developed and made itself a national player which has its presence across India. It not deals with watches, but also with gadgets, premium writing instruments and lifestyle products.

The Prime is the most faithful partner to many international brands and is franchisee for several luxury brands like TAG – Heuer, Balmain, Rado and Longines; premium brands like Omega, Chopard, Piaget, Dior, Franck Muller; and fashion brands like Tissot, Seiko, DKNY, Fossil, Emporio Armani & Giordano.

With more than 25 years of experience in watch retailing, The Prime has been present across five states in India. It is a trusted associate to more than 35 international brands and is a franchisee for different luxury, premium and fashion brands. The outlets contain an array of men’s and women’s watches in the price range of Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 20, 000, 00. Other than this, The Prime deals in elegant pieces of brands like Swarovski and Lladro, Mont Blanc writing tools and mobile phones from Vertu, TAG – Heuer and Dior.

The Prime operates its business through three kinds of shops:

The Prime – Luxury Watch Boutique contains a huge collection of luxury watches which are offered and displayed under the same roof. The watches available here are priced at Rs. 20,000 and beyond.

The Duets – Fashion Watch Studio is the latest addition to the number of fashion watch outlets. The main concept behind this is to give assurance of originality, clarity and exclusivity. The watches available here are priced at Rs. 3,000 and above.

The Exclusive Brand Boutique (Franchisee Boutique) concentrates on specific brand that attracts customer loyalty for that brand.

The layout of each innovatively designed outlet is done in such a way that its aura reflects elegance and caters to the needs of globetrotting customers who like global shopping experience, courteous service and high- quality products.