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  1. LE LOCLE Powermatic 80 2 items
  2. Automatics III 1 item
  3. Ballade III 6 items
  4. Ballade Powermatic 80 6 items
  5. Bella Ora 9 items
  6. Bellflower 1 item
  7. Bridgeport 10 items
  8. Bridgeport Automatic 5 items
  9. Carson 14 items
  10. Carson 10 items
  11. Cera 6 items
  12. Chemin Des Tourelles 22 items
  13. Classic Dream 7 items
  14. Classic Dream 9 items
  15. Couturier 45 items
  16. Desire 1 item
  17. Desire Small Lady 1 item
  18. Dressport 2 items
  19. Everytime 28 items
  20. Expert 7 items
  21. Expert Solar 8 items
  22. Fabulous Garden 5 items
  23. Femini T 3 items
  24. Flamingo 8 items
  25. Generosi T 13 items
  26. Grain De Folie 1 item
  27. Happy Chic 4 items
  28. Lady 6 items
  29. Lady 80 7 items
  30. Lady Heart Automatic 1 item
  31. Le Locle 15 items
  32. Le Locle Automatic 1 item
  33. Lepine Quartz 1 item
  34. Lovely 5 items
  35. Luxury Automatic 7 items
  36. Moto Gp 2 items
  37. My-T 1 item
  38. Nicky Hayden 2 items
  39. Odaci T 1 item
  40. Pinky 9 items
  41. PR 100 42 items
  42. PR 100 9 items
  43. PR50 1 item
  44. PRC 100 9 items
  45. PRC 200 38 items
  46. PRS 200 10 items
  47. PRS 300 1 item
  48. PRS 516 15 items
  49. PRX 1 item
  50. Quadrato 5 items
  51. Quickster 20 items
  52. Sailing 2 items
  53. Savonnette Quartz 1 item
  54. Seastar 1000 1 item
  55. Six T 6 items
  56. Sport T 2 items
  57. Stylis T 2 items
  58. T Classic 5 items
  59. T Evocation 4 items
  60. T Navigator 1 item
  61. T One Automatic 5 items
  62. T Race 22 items
  63. T Race Touch 3 items
  64. T Round 4 items
  65. T Tempo Automatic 3 items
  66. T Wave 16 items
  67. T Wave 2 items
  68. T02 1 item
  69. T10 5 items
  70. T12 2 items
  71. Tissot Quickster 2 items
  72. Tissot Tradition 6 items
  73. Titanium 2 items
  74. Titanium Automatic 1 item
  75. Touch 1 item
  76. Tradition 42 items
  77. Trekking 3 items
  78. Twist 2 items
  79. TXL 4 items
  80. TXL Lady 4 items
  81. TXS 1 item
  82. V8 21 items
  83. Veloci T 1 item
  84. Visodate 4 items
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  1. TISSOT T Sport Chrono XL T116.617.36.037.00
    Model No: T116.617.36.037.00
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  2. TISSOT T Sport Chrono XL T116.617.16.057.00
    Model No: T116.617.16.057.00
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  3. TISSOT T Sport Chrono XL T116.617.16.037.00
    Model No: T116.617.16.037.00
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  4. TISSOT T Sport Chrono XL T116.617.11.037.00
    Model No: T116.617.11.037.00
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  5. TISSOT T Sport Chrono XL T116.617.36.057.01
    Model No: T116.617.36.057.01
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  6. TISSOT Special Collections T Race T111.417.37.441.01
    Model No: T111.417.37.441.01
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  7. TISSOT T Classic Everytime T109.610.16.032.00
    Model No: T109.610.16.032.00
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  8. TISSOT T Classic Everytime T109.410.16.053.00
    Model No: T109.410.16.053.00
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  9. TISSOT T Classic Everytime T109.410.16.033.00
    Model No: T109.410.16.033.00
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  10. TISSOT Flamingo T094.
    Model No: T094.
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  11. TISSOT Heritage T118.410.36.057.00
    Model No: T118.410.36.057.00
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  12. TISSOT T Lady T Wave T112.210.33.456.00
    Model No: T112.210.33.456.00
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  13. TISSOT T Sport V8 T106.407.16.051.00
    Model No: T106.407.16.051.00
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  14. TISSOT T Sport V8 T106.407.16.031.00
    Model No: T106.407.16.031.00
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  15. TISSOT T Sport V8 T106.407.11.051.00
    Model No: T106.407.11.051.00
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  16. TISSOT T Sport V8 T106.407.11.031.01
    Model No: T106.407.11.031.01
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  17. TISSOT T Lady Bella Ora T103.
    Model No: T103.
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  18. TISSOT T Lady T103.
    Model No: T103.
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  19. TISSOT T Classic PR 100 T101.910.11.121.00
    Model No: T101.910.11.121.00
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  20. TISSOT T Lady Flamingo T094.
    Model No: T094.
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  21. TISSOT T Classic Tradition T063.409.36.018.00
    Model No: T063.409.36.018.00
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  22. TISSOT T Classic Tradition T063.409.16.018.00
    Model No: T063.409.16.018.00
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  23. TISSOT Tradition T063.409.11.058.00
    Model No: T063.409.11.058.00
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Tissot had started a journey to the innovation in 1853 from Le Locle, Switzerland. Since then, it has produced timepieces that always raise the bar of creativity in the Swiss timekeeping world that conveyed its core thought – “Innovators by Tradition”.

The brand had taken its first step in the watchmaking field with a Tissot Pocket watch that had come with a single movement and two-time zone functions. It interprets the fashion of time by staying true to the ultimate precision, and the plus sign in the logo defines the brand’s core line of thought–quality.

After getting a huge success with the introduction of pocket watches, the brand had taken further steps in designing pendant pocket watches that got acclaimed from the places like US, Russia and many other places. In 1951, the brand had witnessed a major leap with the design of the Tissot Navigator – the world’s first self-winding wrist watch that covers nearly 24 time zones. From there, the brand has never taken back and continued walking on the path of victory with designing extraordinary timepieces. 

In 1965, Tissot PR 516 broke the ground of the traditional watchmaking world and had come with bold looks and advanced features. This watch also made a record with having the world’s first registered bracelet that had holes. There were more things in store for the brand and they were gradually unfolded with time. The Tissot Astrolon collection in 1971 was renowned as the first plastic mechanical watch. The collections like Tissot Rockwatch, Two-Timer and Woodwatch have also garnered an unedifying interest among watch lovers. 

Exploring the history of Tissot watches is more like witnessing a story of innovation that continues till date. With the revealing of Tissot T-Touch watch in 1994, the brand has entered into a new world of craftsmanship. This timepiece is considered to be the world’s first tactile watch that offered functions like compass, altimeter, barometer and temperature. In 2014, the brand invented T-Touch Solar – the watch that is powered by solar energy.

Apart from this innovative journey of watchmaking, the brand has also made a strong ground in bringing out the classic charm through the architecture. The T-Classic collection renders timepieces including Tissot Chemin Des Tourells, PR 100, Everytime, Le Locle and more. T-Sport Collection is engineered with advanced functions and sporty looks. The collection also includes timepieces like PRS 516 and Quickstar and so on.

Besides the above-mentioned timepieces, the collections like T-Lady, T-Pocket, Heritage and Gold enrich the innovative gesture of the brand. The Prime - Luxury Watch Boutique proudly showcases an array of collections from the brand – Tissot. The watch boutique has nearly 741 timepieces from the brand that comprises of collections like T-Classic, T-Lady, Cocktail, Heritage, T-Pocket, T-Sport, T-Trend and Touch collections. Being renowned as one of the authorised luxurious watch retailers, The Prime Watches offers timepieces as per the demands of the brand. Starting from the best-selling to the trending timepieces, the watch boutique has everything for its patrons. With more than 25 years of trust, it has been renowned as the largest chain of luxury watch boutiques in India.