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Initiated in the year 1893 in the Jura region of Switzerland, Wenger is a renowned brand based in the country. Starting as a knife producer, the company soon became famous for its innovative and precise products. In 2005, Wenger was acquired by its rival Victorinox. Basically, a Swiss Army knife maker, the brand is now focussing at producing watches and travel gear. 

Earlier named as Paul Boechat&Cie, the brand got a contract from the Swiss Army to make knives as the second industrial cutlery producer of Switzerland. It was in the year 1897 that Theodore Wenger, a USA minister became a part of the company and was renamed as Wenger. After losing half of its knife-making contract to Victorinox, the brand decided to start making watches since 1988. 

Wenger watches are part of Victorinox watches as they are taken by the latter company. With the support of Victorinox, Wenger continued its production of Swiss Army knives and watches. Wenger knives are now known as the “Genuine Swiss Army Knife”, while Victorinox has labelled them as the “Original Swiss Army Knife”. 

January 20, 2013 saw the merging of Wenger and Victorinox and became Victorinox only. The two prime products that belong to Wenger now are the “Genuine Swiss Army Knife” and Wenger watch. Wenger watches are manufactured in Switzerland. The brand makes watches emphasising on the elegance factor. 

There are different categories of Wenger Watches that avail online. Discover the latest Wenger Watches Price at easy way. Among the various collections of watches, the major ones are: Urban Classic, Attitude, Roadster, Seaforce and others. 

The Urban Classic collection consists of timepieces mainly for the city men. The speciality of these watches is that they combine conventional design with smart representation of Swiss brilliance. With variance in colours, strap options, bracelet and others, this watch collection grabs the attention of every watch user who wears these timepieces. 

Attitude is another collection of Wenger watches for men & women. These watches are stylish in approach and also sturdy. Their top-class time recording is synonymous to the champions who can take every challenge with ease. Instances of Swiss expertise are clearly evident from the designs of these watches. Perfect for different tastes of the wearers, these watches include differing style that makes them appealing. 

Seaforce collection is a masterpiece from the Wenger watch brand. This watch line includes watches which are sporty in design and are perfect for the bold male sports professionals. Seaforce watches can take every difficulty easily and also elevates the spirit of a wearer who wears these watch models. 

At The Prime – Luxury Watch Boutiques, we offer the latest and trending collection of Wenger watches. This brand, with its more than 25 years of watch selling experience are the leading and the most trusted company in the watch retailing sector in India. Customer satisfaction remains as our foremost priority and we also provide offers and discounts to make the buying even more enjoyable for them. We, The Prime – Luxury Watch Boutiques are the authorised watch retailer of Wenger watches in India that keeps the mentioned collection of Wenger watches for women and men.