Corporate Order at the Prime Luxury Watch Boutique

The Prime Watch: The ultimate destination for luxury watches

Gifts are intended to make a lasting impression on its receivers and nothing compares to a timeless gift. A watch, is one such gift. We, at The Prime Watch offer you with the latest range of luxury watches to choose from. While a diverse collection and competitive price structure makes it easier for you to select and value, our personalized options will ensure that you have a comfortable experience of buying.

Vast range of watches

Your business connections are necessary and you should make your business associates feel valued. At Prime Watches, we understand that trust is a major factor behind the stability of a long term business relationship. Our corporate sales division offers distinct timepieces from leading luxury brands such as Tissot, Tag Heuer, Rado, etc. Therefore, you will not only have an assortment of options to choose from but also a wide price range will ensure that you come across something special which fits your budget as well as style.
Our sales executives will take into account every minute detail which you want to be added to your gifts. With the vast range of luxury watches, we strive to meet your demand in a faultless manner. Apart from selection of watches, our competitive pricing and exclusively tailored discounts will make your purchase a memorable experience.

Presence of a competitive price range

Our corporate sales division understands the significance of offering something valuable as a business gift. Our price considerations are done based on the brands buyers select and the quantity they order. Periodic discounts and special offers are also accessible at Prime Watches periodically. Therefore, you can opt for timepieces of your choice without having to go out of your planned spending.

Scope to buy personalized gifts

A highly personalized gift makes a great impression and helps business associates to take their ties to a new level. By opting for a timepiece from the luxury watch collection available at Prime Watches, you can add a personal touch by either adding the recipient’s name or by adding a company logo.

Gift Wrapping

Your gift should make an impression from the moment you gift it to a person. You can add an aesthetic touch to the gift by opting for our optional gift wrapping service.

Consultation from luxury watch experts

Our luxury watch experts are always there to match your preferences and offer satisfactory services as well. When you assign us with the responsibility of making your gifts stand out, we also put in our best efforts and knowledge to meet your expectations.

Smooth after-sales service

When we build a relationship with you, we ensure that there is a solid bonding for years to come. The hassle free, after-sales service which we offer helps you to keep in touch with us and ensure that you are satisfied. Watches are highly valuable and we greatly value its importance in your day to day lives. Our after sales representatives are always available for your service in order to assist with any details or help which might be needed.

Why opt for watches from Prime Watches?

We have a clear perception of your corporate needs as we have been active in the watch retailing sector for more than 25 years. Our ample experience enables us to identify your needs and offer practical solutions. We present leading brands from all over the world, and take pride in offering you with a wide range of services. Watches stand testimony to status and success. The watches which form a part of our collection are the ones that our employees and buyers deeply associate with themselves.A gift from our collection will be deeply appreciated and help you to strengthen ties with your associates.