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  1. CITIZEN Eco-Drive
    Model No: EM0676-85X
  2. CITIZEN Eco-Drive
    Model No: BU4027-88L
  3. CITIZEN Eco-Drive
    Model No: BU4027-88E
  4. CITIZEN Eco-Drive
    Model No: CA0640-86L
  5. CITIZEN Mechanical
    Model No: NH8363-14X
  6. CITIZEN Eco Drive
    Model No: BU4011-11L
  7. CITIZEN Eco-Drive
    Model No: CA4220-55L
  8. Citizen Eco-Drive
    Model No: AW7013-05H
  9. Citizen Lady
    Model No: FE6094-84A
  10. Citizen Eco-Drive
    Model No: CA4210-59F
  11. Citizen Eco-Drive
    Model No: CA4035-57E
  12. Citizen Eco-Drive
    Model No: BN0100-00E
  13. Citizen Eco-Drive
    Model No: AT2150-51A
  14. Citizen Quartz Collection
    Model No: AN8154-55H
  15. Eco-Drive
    Model No: FE1140-51X-1
  16. Eco-Drive
    Model No: FE1134-54A-1
  17. Eco-Drive
    Model No: FE1081-59A
  18. Citizen Classic
    Model No: PD7140-58E
  19. Citizen Mechanical
    Model No: NH8370-86E
  20. Eco-Drive
    Model No: AR1135-10E
  21. Eco-Drive
    Model No: BU3005-51L
    Model No: BU2020-11A
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From a horological research center in Tokyo to the renowned watch brand – Citizen, the journey has many stories to tell to its watch lovers. The brand had started operating under the name of the core company – Citizen Holdings, a Japanese global corporate group in Tokyo, Japan.  Since its inception in 1930, the brand continues to blend excellence and creativity that is represented through its dictum – ‘Better Starts Now’.

The brand always takes on the challenge of technology and successfully beat the speed of the change with some amazing revolutions. The introduction of the Citizen Eco-Drive watches started a new era of watchmaking that gave the timekeeping world a way of eliminating the need for a watch battery. The Eco-Drive technology converts the power of lights both artificial and natural light sources into the energy that is stored in the rechargeable solar cell.

The brand never stopped its innovation; rather it continues to grow biggeRead More ...